Natural and Herbal Products

Organic clothes India takes pleasure in offering clothes dyed with "purest possible dyes-Natural dyes" derived from plant material without any chemical treatment.

Natural dyes are obtained from sources like flowers, leaves, insects, bark roots etc.; however, they are not readily available and involve an extraction process. In prehistoric times, natural colourants were usually obtained from berries, blossoms, barks and roots. They were applied to the fibre without any pretreatment of the dye-material or the textile. In the middle of the nineteenth century, introduction of synthetic dyes marked the decline in the use of natural dyes. However, there are certain ancient art forms such as Kalmkari, which continue to use the natural dyes.

Examples of Raw Material used :

  • Barberry stem pieces
  • Banyan bark
  • Indigo crude extract
  • Eclipta fresh leaf extract
  • Neem bark
  • Kamala- fruit cover dust
  • Soot carbon
  • Pomegranate peel
  • Vembadam bark

In the present scenario, several advantages conferred by natural dyes make them an attractive option over synthetic dyes. These are as follows:

  • They are Biodegradable
  • They have medicinal property
  • They are Non-toxic
  • They are Environment Friendly
  • They help in conservation of energy
  • They are Aesthetically appealing
  • They help in employment generation for rural people

Limitations :

  • No assurance of shade repeatability
  • Extraction process laborious
  • Variability in the quality and quantity of extraction depending upon the age and season of the plant, tree, leaves or fruit and hence standardization is difficult.
  • Even in Natural dyeing, We strongly recommend the usage of dyes without the Chemical Mordant's since many of them are harmful to the environment
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