Focus on your health and Earth

We are a leading textile manufacturing and Exporting Company in South India specializing in ORGANIC TEXTILES and other ECO-FRIENDLY products. Wehave made organics lively and colorful. All our organic products are certified by agencies such as ETKO (of TURKY) and specifications such as GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard.)

We place emphasis on both environment and health. We continually research and develop lively and fashionable products which also meet theeco-friendly and health criteria. We are among the most knowledgeable and most advanced organic textile companies.

Our products range includes Apparels, Fabrics and Home textiles. We also specialize in developing and private label manufacturing textile products. Our efforts to provide eco-friendly products are continuous. Our 100% organic cotton products rank among the top of eco-friendliness. In many of our products even the packaging is also organic. Our mission is to eliminate chemicals and eco-damaging processes..

Our mission

To provide the best possible environment friendly clothes for you, the person who is looking for natural fibers and earth conscious clothes for themselves and the family.We take pride in ensuring that all our products are manufactured in a fair manner benefiting all stakeholders.

  • The Organic Clothes India is focused on organic textiles, sustainable fibers.
  • We are committed to focusing our product offerings exclusively on the best organic garments and textiles.
  • We will make every effort to provide organic products Made in INDIA.


As organic markets grow, small family farms in the India have the chance to earn better income by going organic.

Finally, we believe the switch to organic choices should be personal, natural, and at your own pace and budget. We also want to be sure you make informed purchases, providing as much information as we can find, on organic cotton, care instructions, environmental legislation, and more.


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